Friday, September 3, 2010

Update #126 on Kevin - Planned Surgery Today, Please Pray

Kevin is going to St. Francis Hospital here in Tulsa for an planned outpatient surgery today at 12:40pm. He is having a new feeding tube put in. It shouldn’t be a big deal and should be fairly quick. All surgeries have risks and so your prayers are appreciated!! Please pray there are no complications before or after surgery. Thank the Lord for Dr. Nightengale who has done an amazing job with Kevin in the past. We are so happy to have him do Kevin’s surgery again. Please pray that God will bring a great respiratory therapist to work with Kevin before, after and during his surgery.

We received two days ago that said the splints for Kevin’s hands and ankles have been denied yet again. It is very frustrating to deal with insurance sometimes. Kevin’s therapists, general doctor and his neurologist all agree these are the splints for him but the insurance won’t pay. They say that in Kevin’s case they are not medically necessary and that the Dyna Splints we have requested are still considered experimental for someone in Kevin’s condition. Please pray for wisdom as we decide what to do next. Please also pray for Kevin’s hands and ankles that continue to get tight and have muscle shortening with each month that goes by.

Usually Kevin goes to therapy on Mondays and Fridays. He won’t be going to therapy tomorrow since he is having the surgery and he won’t have therapy Monday since it is Labor day. We will be working on things more intensely here at the house to try and make up for those missed days of therapy.

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!
Angie, Matt & family

Pray For Kevin
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