Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update #118 on Kevin

So, in a couple days, Kevin will have been home for three months. After almost four months an answered prayer arrived at Kevin’s house….his wheelchair. It is really nice, and a much better fit than the “one-size-fits-all” geri-chair. We are glad to get rid of it. We’re calling the medical supply rental company to pick it up this week.

After a week of helping us get used to using the new wheelchair, our two therapists discharged Kevin. He is progressing, but not fast enough for them to stay on right now. They cannot do anything more than they have taught us at this point. As Kevin continues to progress they may be able to return. Kevin had much trauma to his brain, therefore we have to wait for his brain to catch up to his body in healing. He doesn’t have major spasms anymore, he stretches out when awakened, starting to stabilize his head more and more, and able to cough out most normal secretions.

Last week, Kevin had some sort of cold that was making his secretions worse. That meant we had to suction him more than normal. He is finally starting to get over it, so he can get back to his normal healing rate.

With the wheelchair comes new freedom for Kevin. The first couple days we started to take him around the house and see things like his new kitchen that was built for him. Every once in awhile, as we pointed out different things in the kitchen, he would turn his head in that direction! We were happy he was alert for the tour.

Another freedom is taking Kevin outside. Once the weather warms up a little and stops raining, we can take him outside.

When Kevin has doctor visits, he no longer needs the assistance of EMSA (ambulatory services) to come and pick him up. Family friends have a lift equipped van and have graciously offered the use of it whenever we want. Friday was the maiden trip and we took him to his pulmonologist. Angie and I, along with our nurse, loaded Kevin up and went to the doctor’s office, then to another location to get an X-ray, finally grabbing some fast food for lunch before heading home. It worked out so well. We are looking forward to our next “field trip”.

The lung doctor remarked that Kevin continues to look better. This doctor has been seeing him since September. She said every time she sees Kevin he looks better to her. She changed out Kevin’s trach, causing some bleeding, but not as much as last time.

Today, Saturday March 13th, was the last day of our previously approved nursing. We found out on Friday, that Kevin was approved again for another four weeks of nursing, putting the next end date at April 11th. One of our main nurses had to take some emergency family time off, and a new nurse started last week. She has done a really good job and cares for Kevin very much. Kevin has been blessed to have the quality of nursing that he has had at home. We are so thankful.

Thanks to those who have brought over a couple meals, it was such a big help and tasty too!

If anyone has a standing “A” frame lying around their house, we might be able to put it to good use. I believe it might have to have some specifics, but other than that they are made to fit various sizes of people.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Thank you for praying even when we don’t report. Thanks for thinking of us and sending cards, calling or coming by. It helps it not be so lonely and gives Kevin some new stimulation. He’s probably had just about enough of me and the rest of the family!

-Matt, Angie and family