Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update #119 on Kevin

Kevin has been improving since going to the pulmonologist. She put him on a couple antibiotics due to two strands of pseudomonas (which he had at the hospital so this is a flare up) and moraxella catarrhalis (this is a common bacteria that causes sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia). He has been steadily improving in the past week and a half. He has been on the antibiotics for about six days and is supposed to be on them until the tenth day.

We have been taking Kevin outside in his wheelchair, when it is not snowing or storming (Oklahoma weather is amazing – in one week period rain, snow and sunny days in the 70s). We also were able to take another field trip. This time we packed up Kevin’s gear, loaded him in the van and went to my brother Greg’s house. It was on a late Sunday afternoon and Kevin did great. We only had to suction him a few times and we were there for about four hours. He was in his chair for about five hours. The family has thought about other field trips Kevin could go on, parks, movies (later) and maybe other places he is familiar with. That was one of the things that was good about going to Greg’s house, it was familiar. You are probably saying, but wait he is in his own house! Aha….remember the flood in Kevin’s house?? It ruined enough furniture and things that many of the rooms, while the same shape, are very different.

In the past week, Kevin has kind of popped open his eyes, staring off at the room and seeming to be anxious, like he doesn’t know where he is. Family members have taken the opportunity to soothe him and tell him he is at home and his body language calms down.

Today (Wednesday, March 24) we took Kevin to his general doctor. Can I just say how blessed we feel to have the doctors caring for Kevin that we have? They really are amazing. His doctor today said we were doing a great job with Kevin at home, that everyone in the office commented that they thought Kevin was looking better and they were excited to see Kevin roll in the office sitting in his chair as opposed to an ambulance gurney. His doctor took her time with Kevin and us, examining him and answering questions that we had. She also ended up giving him an allergy shot, since Kevin used to get those on a semi-regular basis. Maybe that will also help with his secretions.

I am flying out of town overnight from Thursday to Friday this week. Please pray for the family skeleton crew while I am gone, stepping up and filling holes. Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions for Kevin. Please pray for joy as we go through an incredible situation. Please pray for steadfastness and we trust in God to carry through these times of trial. And especially pray for Kevin as he heals, progress and goes through this monumental ordeal.

Thanks for reading, praying and caring,
Matt, Angie and family