Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update #25 on Kevin

Today, we spoke with a physician’s assistant, Greg Daly (not spelled like that, but don’t remember). He told us that he has been gone for two weeks and is now catching up with Kevin’s info. After examining Kevin and talking with us, he put in a slew of new orders. The family is excited because it seems like this doctor is wanting to try do some things that we have been hearing about.

After a week and a half with no new CATscan, this doctor is ordering one. After a week or more of no new ventilator changes, this doctor has ordered new changes (they are in fact in effect already). They have lowered the amount of times the vent helps Kevin breathe from 10 per minute to 8 pm. They lowered the pressure that they were filling his lungs with from around 20 to 15. They also lowered his PEEP settings from 8 to 6. Not sure exactly what it is (Positive end-expiratory pressure), but it helps decrease the work in breathing.

After a week of not hearing from the Neurosurgeon, this doctor was going to look and see if the Neurosurgeon had left any notes. He was also ordering something like a sonogram for Kevin’s left arm. It is more swollen than the right. He said there could be fluid build-up, or it could be the fact that the arms are the last to heal or show signs in a trauma or it could be a blood clot where the IV pick goes in, and this is why he is ordering a sonogram. There isn’t too much concern about the clot moving, normally he said clots don’t move around from the arms.

They also sat Kevin’s bed up like a chair, so that he was sitting up. They sat him up for about an hour. Tomorrow, they want to put him in one of the pink recliners.

Kevin’s favorite sports team is the Oklahoma Sooners. They are playing their first game of the season tonight. Some of us are watching it in the waiting room, some of us are watching in his room. It’s turned up loud so maybe the sounds and noise of football wakes him up. But then they lost, so that wasn’t good thing.

And they finally shaved him, so it looks more like Kevin.

We put our trust in God. We wait and we pray. We hope and we prepare.

Thanks for your prayers,
Matt, Angie and family

Update #24 on Kevin

It was our night at the hotel last night. We heard this morning that Kevin moved his head slightly. Apparently, his head was leaning to one side and he moved it from leaning to straight ahead as if looking up. We’ll celebrate every new movement and every continued progress.

Matt, Angie and Family

Friday, September 4, 2009

Update #23 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

First things first. Kevin two procedures this morning and they both went really well. He had a tracheostomy put in his neck for respiratory functions and a feeding plug into his stomach. Afterwards, they bathed him and he is resting now from all the procedures.

Afterwards, Angie was in with him and saw him make something like a swallow action. The nurse told us that since the tubes are no longer in his throat, he will now just swallow the secretions that they have been siphoning out until now.

We are in the process of moving our communication lines to a more purposeful direction. If you would like to receive or continue receiving email updates you need to go to and choose to subscribe to Google Groups “Pray for Kevin” on the upper right side of the page. You can also go directly to and sign up there too. We will be posting all updates on and we welcome all comments and notes to the family and Kevin.

If you use Twitter, you can sign up for bite-size updates at You can even choose to follow these updates and have them sent as text messages to your phone. These will be all throughout the day, around 140 characters or less each time.

I will continue posting updates on my Facebook account under “My Notes” section, but if you are in the Taking Christ to Italy: Go Verona group we will cease putting regular communication there too. Instead we have a group on Facebook called Pray for Kevin, it is found at or listed under groups that I belong too.

Over the weekend I will be using the old format of communication, as well as the new format. Sorry if you get double or triple messages. After the weekend I will focus only on the new format of communication, after allowing time for people to join what the want to receive.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this transition, we don’t want to leave anyone out!! We are also considering silicone bracelets for people to wear who want to show their prayer support for Kevin. We just have to explore how to pay for these.

Today is Kevin’s son Kohl’s 19th birthday. Pray that we have a great celebration in the midst of tragedy and craziness.

Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for your love. Thanks for your help.

Matt, Angie & Family

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update #22 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

They did the UV filter procedure and Kevin has been back in his room for a couple hours. The procedure went well.

They have the tracheostomy planned for around 10 AM tomorrow, but as one doctor told me, they aren’t really schedules in hospitals. We met the doctor who is doing the feeding plug (into Kevin’s stomach). He is really great and gave us his number if we have any questions, day or night. He said he will do the feeding plug procedure, which takes about 8 minutes, sometime before or after the tracheostomy.

Tomorrow is Kohl’s birthday. He is turning 19. Pray for Kohl and the family, since we would love to have Kevin there for his son’s birthday.

Growing up, there was different times where I wanted to be like my big brothers. I remember when I was real little watching Kevin and his confidence. As a teen and young adult, Kevin’s favorite song was by Mac Davis. It was called, “Oh Lord Its Hard To Be Humble”. Here’s the chorus…

“Oh Lord it's hard to be humble
when you're perfect in every way.
I can't wait to look in the mirror
'cos I get better looking each day
to know me is to love me
I must be a heck of a man.
O Lord it's hard to be humble
but I'm doing the best that I can.”

I remember Kevin standing looking into the mirror, smiling and singing that song….to himself and any of us that could hear him. It’s interesting, that for years I fought against the moniker of “little brother”. At a certain point I was as tall as my brothers, and then passed them. When my brothers would introduce me to people, the reply would be….”your little brother? I don’t think so. Maybe he’s your younger brother.” Oh what I would give to have Kevin introduce me as his little brother today.

Thanks for your prayers and heartfelt statements. Thanks for contributing to 742-DINE and our hotel costs. Thanks for doing laundry and bringing snacks and drinks out of love. Thanks for praying us through this.

Matt, Angie & family

Update #21 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

The night we flew in from Italy (arriving four days after Kevin’s accident) Angie and I went straight to the hospital. Exhausted and tired from our travel, yet on a high from finally arriving to my brother’s side, we stayed with him our first night in the hospital. Such a strange sight. Tubes connected to him. Bags hanging around him. And a myriad of machines examining him. There were beeps of all kinds. Simple beeps, beeps with melodies. All alarms to some changing condition of Kevin, either from blood pressure, heart rate, lung pressure, respiratory rate, etc… It was all so foreign to us. It was like learning another language all over again.

The night before last, Angie and I stayed once more with Kevin. In fact, since that first night we have stayed there every other night. On the off nights staying at the hotel (like last night). There were still machines and tubes and beeps, but there were less. Less tubes going into my brother’s body. Less machine controlling him, where he has regained some functionality. Less beeps and alarms going off throughout the day and the night. The beeps that do go off are less foreign to us. For example, we understand for a certain beep it just means he coughed whether we saw it or not. We have done well learning this new language. As difficult as it has been.

Early yesterday evening, the elders from Cedar Ridge Christian Church came up and prayed over Kevin. They prayed for healing, restoration and for the family to lean on Christ.

Kevin’s flood restoration has been going well. There were some hiccups yesterday with insurance agents, but that seems to be handled and some semblance of peace restored there. Kevin’s lower kitchen cabinets have been taken out and other steps are being taken to remodel the damaged home. The family has to go through every single thing that was in the house and determine if damaged is it worth saving. I stopped by the warehouse that has all the stuff. It was the first time I confronted that world. I was at the hospital whenever the cleanup was going on, and I never saw the flood. When I first saw furniture that I have only known in Kevin’s house, I felt sick to my stomach. This was wrong. These things didn’t belong here. And it further hit me that Kevin was unable to go through them himself at this time. The next thing, that hit my mind was how it reminded me of our furniture and possessions that had been in storage in Italy for a year and a half. We finally moved to our new apartment in June and we didn’t expect to be back in the states for another two years. Then the accident. Thoughts of Italy, bring thoughts of our team that I am leading, as well as thoughts of our little dog, Brinkley, whom we miss dearly and is staying with our teammate April in Verona. Lots of questions swirl in our minds as we are faced with a future of uncertainty.

In the hours before we left last night, Kevin’s legs were particularly active. Not moving much, you understand, but slightly rocking. Kevin’s left shoulder was seen pulling back for the first time and his vitals were stable. The IV filter procedure that I mentioned in a previous update would be done in radiology, they wouldn’t need to go to an OR. During the procedure they have to see what they are doing and in radiology they can monitor with something like a sonogram, for instance.

Also, thanks for those of you who gave towards 742-DINE. The family used it last night. It worked out great. They brought the food in 40 minutes. If you do want to give towards that, the account number has changed. For the Crosser family the account number is 4374300. Thanks!

Thanks for praying,
Matt, Angie and family

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update #20 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

This morning the team of doctors came in. While Dr. Bergen and a couple others did Kevin’s examination, Dr. Wang updated Angie and I on what they were thinking for the next few days. They want to place an intravenous filter in a large vein going to Kevin’s lungs. This would catch any blood clots that might come loose and enter Kevin’s lungs, which would be bad. The filter is shaped like an umbrella and inserts into the vein. If scheduled this procedure would be tomorrow.

After that procedure goes well, they will plan the tracheostomy procedure. It could be done in his room, or down in an OR. Dr. Wang said if she does the procedure she will most likely do the feeding tube move to the stomach at the same time.

The nurses got him bathed again (a daily routine) and shaved. Two of the nurses saw different notes to Kevin on the wall and commented on them. They were reading them. One of the nurses told us that you can tell something about a person, when you see their room, and see the people coming and see family and friends staying with him all day every day.

Remember a great way to help the family is by contributing to 742-DINE (918-742-3463). You can find out more about it at But you can just call that number and give them the Crosser account number which is - #5553900. Our family has been blessed beyond belief with offers of help and assistance, such as dinners brought up, errands run, household chores at Kevin’s house and other involved family members. We are so grateful.

Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement and prayers.

Matt, Angie & family

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update #19 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

Today has been somewhat slow as far as developments go. The new doctor, Dr. Wang started off today with a splash. She came in with a team of about seven doctors! It sounded like a medical TV drama. Angie and I were at the hotel with Jacob, Mom and Dad. Taylor and Kohl were staying with Kevin. They didn’t have much to say, but I assume more will come as Dr. Wang continues the week. She did say that it looked like they would be doing the tracheostomy and moving feeding tube this week.

Kevin’s house has been dried out. Carpet has been pulled completely out. The restorers are working on the next step. They are pulling the molding off the doorways. Doors have already been removed. Some spots they will be cutting sheetrock up to 36 inches high in some spots to be replaced.

In early evening the elders from Highland Park Christian Church in Tulsa came up to anoint Kevin with oil and pray over him for healing. Including three staff, there were ten men representing the church. It was a great experience and very encouraging. Tomorrow elders from Cedar Ridge Christian Church will be coming to pray over Kevin also.

A little while ago, several family and visitors were back with Kevin. They were testing his feet for reflexes. They ran a key across the bottom of Kevin’s feet and several times he had a reaction. His foot would pull away several of the times when his feet had been scraped.

Angie and I are staying with Kevin tonight. In the morning, we’ll hear from the doctor again. And I know that we’ll hear from many of you too. There are some verses from Daniel that keep coming to my mind. I know that Kevin would want me to share them with you too. In Daniel chapter 3, there is the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. The king had set up an idol and they wouldn’t bow down to it. The king threatened to throw them in a fiery furnace….

“16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, "O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up." ”

In regards to Kevin, we know that the God we serve is able to save us from this tragedy and rescue us from this pain and sadness, but EVEN IF HE DOES NOT…….God is still on his throne. God will still care for us. God still loves us. Eternity with Him is still possible for those who know Him.

Thanks for praying for Kevin. Thanks for praying for miracles. Thanks for praying for our family.

Matt & Angie

Update #18 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

This afternoon, we met Dr. Wang. She is one of two new doctors coming to Saint Francis Hospital tomorrow. They will be running all of the Trauma ICU. Dr. Wang came by as she was meeting the patients. She told us that she wanted families to be involved. In the mornings, she will come by and check on Kevin, afterwards talking with the family and making herself open to questions. She seemed to have a very optimistic spirit.

Family friend, Jack Foreman, saw something while he and his wife Shirley were visiting today. I saw him leaning over and looking at Kevin intently. I asked him what he saw and he said “his arm moving”. We watched and watched. We didn’t see it move again. But that was the first time that anyone had seen his arm move since being in there. The doctors would call it a reflex, but it’s a reflex that he had not done so far!!

Later on, Dr. Fayer came back in and we told him that we met Dr. Wang. He said she was great and the hospital staff was excited to have her on board. He will continue coming through, as well as Dr. Fell, the neurosurgeon. I asked if there was something we were waiting for in order for them to place the tracheostomy. He said there was. On the ventilator machine, there is a setting called PEEP. It has something to do with pressure on the lungs and making it so they don’t collapse. It has a setting of 8. The respiratory therapist later told us it should be at a “5” by we’ll want to confirm that with the doc tomorrow.

The family has been taking turns staying at the hotel that was set up for our family. My parents have been staying there every night for the past week. It has been great to have this resource for the family. For those staying there, breakfast is ready every morning and one less thing to worry about. Staff have been there to help my mom get the ramp/wheelchair out of the car when we could not be there. Maids take care of washing towels, cleaning the bathrooms, and clean the room. More that we can keep off our plate for now. We are so thankful for those of you that sent money to help cover the cost.

Thanks for praying for Kevin and the family,
Matt & Angie

Monday, August 31, 2009

Update #17 on Matt's Brother, Kevin

During the night Kevin did well. He had two B.M.’s which was really good. The doctor said he is digesting and that he heard bowel sounds. Both of which are also good. The doctor also said his labs are looking better. The X-rays still showed something, like pneumonia, but that X-rays can sometimes lag behind. He said that the antibiotics seem to be working.

Doctor Fell, the neurosurgeon, came in and went through his exam. There was response on Kevin’s right foot to stimulus, but not on the left. After the exam he said there is no neurological change in Kevin’s condition and that he would check back with us in a couple days. He has been coming daily.

Throughout the morning, Kevin has been slightly rocking his right knee. There has been a few times on his left knee too. At one point, I stayed in there while Angie went out for a minute. When she was leaving the room, she touched Kevin’s foot and told him she would be back. Kevin moved his left leg in response to the touch.

We are encouraged by so many of you. Your prayers, your words, your giving to the housing, your giving towards meals, your time taken to see Kevin and encourage the family. We are sustained through God and God working in you. I hope as you join us in this process, whether that be through email, facebook, text messages, face-to-face, etc… that you would be compelled to see Christ.

I can’t tell you how many times Kevin introduced someone to me, then wanted me to share with them about Jesus. I told him that he didn’t need a minister or missionary, that he could do it and for many years now he has been trying to do this. I do wonder what Kevin would think about all of what is going on around him. Friends and family coming out of the woodwork, describing in the second breath how many times he helped them with something. I know he would want us to take this opportunity to examine our hearts and make sure they were right with Christ. If any of you would need to talk about this, know that I would count towards fulfilling a desire of Kevin’s to share with you. There are also several other area ministers that have been up and are available to chat about these things as well.

Thanks for praying,
Matt & Angie

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update #16 on Matt's Brother, Kevin - Slow Day

This has been somewhat of a slow day. Emotions are high in the family, which also brings its challenges. Kevin has had some extra movement today. A few times when he has coughed today, it’s not only his chest that moves when he coughs, but down his body into his legs. A couple times it was only his left leg, then later it was both legs shaking when he coughed at the same time. In the past only his chest and head would move when he coughed.

Then at another point, the nurse was changing his feeding tube out. Her fingers got too close and Kevin’s mouth clamped down. He bit her! She had teeth marks afterwards. They said the coughing and the biting were reflexes. Not sure what it means. His stomach has been having some trouble digesting, but he did have a good B.M. this morning.

Most of the family worshipped together this morning at Highland Park Christian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then brought lunch up afterwards to eat together. We are starting to feel like we are being stretched to our limits. Pray for our family to continue to rest, pray, trust God and love one another.

Thanks for praying for Kevin,
Matt & Angie