Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update #115 on Kevin: PRAY AT 1 PM TODAY!'

**** Read ahead to the asterisk for a major prayer request for today at 1 PM!!! ****

Well, both doctor’s appointments went really well. The first appointment on Tuesday was with Kevin’s new primary care physician. First, three paramedics arrived at Kevin’s house (normally there are only two). We didn’t know if they would be staying with us at the doctor’s office or not, so we took a full page list of needed supplies and equipment. Angie, Greg and myself, accompanied by the main nurse that Kevin has had at home, all followed EMSA to the doctor’s office. While in the waiting room, Kevin started coughing and producing at the same time. As we were surrounded by professionals, it was Angie and I that got Kevin’s portable suction out and got to clearing Kevin’s airway. Fortunately his nurse was there too, since he helped us figure out why the portable suction wasn’t suctioning!

Once in the doctor’s office, we filled out paperwork and waited for the doc. The paramedics waited in the stayed in the waiting room and the three of us plus Kevin’s nurse awaited the doctor. She came in and asked many questions and examined him. She said there was more to Kevin’s case than she realized or she would have planned more time this first visit with him. She would go over all the pertinent medical documentation and call us with questions. She said although it was a major undertaking to care for Kevin, we were doing a great job! She also told us that Kevin needed round the clock nursing. She looked over Kevin’s meds and even changed one from Prevacid to Prilosec after discussing it with us.

This week, with physical and occupational therapists coming every other day, we have been getting Kevin up on the side of the bed in a sitting position with a few of us surrounding him, but only one of us supporting him. Yesterday he increased his time from twenty minutes to twenty-five. Some days, we think he could outlast us.

Last night, while doing some therapy on the Nintendo Wii, Kevin was pressing the button a few times! This was really cool, the family that was there all saw it as well as the nurse to document it. In the past week and a half we have also been using some video game drums to give him a taste of his old drumming skills. We put the sticks in his hands and help him keep the beat to the game’s music.

Today, the paramedics arrived real early to take Kevin to the eye doctor. We got him back home before the actual time of his appointment! The eye doctor thought we were doing great with Kevin’s eye. He said it was looking really good. We are to continue with the eye lubrication and Kevin is supposed to come back in three to four months.

**** Special Prayer Request at 1 PM Today ****
Today, an ambitious request for nursing was denied. We are in fact only approved for nursing through today! The next step is for a peer to peer phone meeting. This is between Kevin’s new primary care physician and the medical director at Kevin’s insurance. This phone call takes place at 1 PM on January 14th (Today!!). Please pray that Kevin’s needs are met in regard to nursing. Pray that God would supply everything that the family needs to care adequately for Kevin.

Thanks for reading and praying for Kevin and us!
Matt, Angie and family

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update #114 on Kevin

Today we are going to a doctor. This is the first primary care doctor to agree to see Kevin, so we have mixed emotions. We are happy to finally have a doctor agree to see Kevin, but we don’t want just any warm body taking on Kevin’s case. We have heard some good things about Dr. Ting, so we are hopeful. Also, even though the agreement when we left Meadowbrook was to have the clinic that his doctor at Meadowbrook is associated with be his interim care clinic, he has not really wanted to fulfill that role. Would you pray that if this is to be Kevin’s doctor that it would be clear?

Kevin has been continuing to improve, slowly. He is opening his mouth at times very wide when asked to do oral care (brushing, etc….). He is opening wider in some cases much more than before. He is also been doing well with Physical and Occupational therapy. They have been sitting Kevin up on the edge of the bed for twenty minutes. They have done this three times, including us in the process to teach us at the same time.

Thursday, we have an appointment with the eye doctor. It is a follow up for Kevin’s right eye. It hasn’t gotten any worse, but it hasn’t gotten much better either. We’ll see what he says.

Both appointments have to be accomplished with ambulatory transport (EMSA). This is because the paperwork for Kevin’s wheelchair got sent to the wrong department at his insurance for the first month and a half. Now, that it is finally at the right hands, we hope to get authorization soon, or insurance will have to approve another transport to the pulmonologist and neurologist (when we find one).

Our nursing schedule ends this Thursday. We are in the process of requesting more time. We hope to hear soon if we have it after Thursday or for how long.

We are trying to find a home healthcare pharmacy, such as Freeland Brown in Tulsa, but that is in Kevin’s insurance’s network. We need things such as 4 in by 4 in drain sponges that his DME company (Durable Medical Equipment – supplies bed, respiratory, etc……) does not carry any longer and that we need for Kevin’s trach care.

Yesterday, I cut Kevin’s hair. I have been cutting my own hair for fourteen years now and every time that Kevin would see me cutting my hair he would ask me to cut his. Sometimes I had time, sometimes I didn’t. But I made time yesterday and cut it the way he likes it and has worn it for awhile.

Well, I am going to finish getting ready. We will be leaving for the doctor when EMSA gets here in the next thirty minutes or so.

Thanks for reading and especially praying,
Matt, Angie and family