Friday, August 20, 2010

Update #125 on Kevin - One Year Mark

It was one year ago this day that our lives changed forever.  We all remember where we were when we heard the news that Kevin had been in an accident.  Even typing that line evoked strong emotional feelings.  That's why as we approached this date, we were filled with apprehension and uneasy feelings. How would we treat August 20th?  Would we let it pass by while ignoring the feelings that might arise in every quiet moment or would we only mark it on the calendar as some sort of milestone?

Then a friend mentioned the idea of fasting. After we thought more about it, that seemed like the perfect way to spend this day that has brought much pain and change to our family.  We decided to fast as a family from sunrise to sundown.  Tonight we'll break the fast with a dinner together.  The discipline of fasting is designed to put a pinpoint focus on a specific prayer topic and/or become closer to Christ.  Anytime we feel hungry during the fast it will prompt us to pray for Kevin's continued healing.  Through this act we place our trust in God and affirm our belief that God has power to move in Kevin's life.

So if you would like to join us, we welcome it.  I do not like publicly sharing that we'll fast today. Ordinarily, I prefer keeping it between myself and God.  However, we saw this as an opportunity to invite you to share in a great opportunity to focus on God today with or without the fast. You don't have to let us know if you are fasting, but we welcome your prayers this day.


As for other news, Kevin has continued progressing slowly.  This was also noted by our most recent visit to our neurologist.  Both he and our general doctor are trying fervently to battle our insurance for much needed splints for Kevin's hands and ankles.  Kevin's hands and ankles are not completely stiff (aka constricted), but if left alone could end up that way.  That's why we must continue doing range of motion with his joints and also why he desperately needs the splints.  They are called Dynasplints and are made to slowly increase the angle or range of Kevin's wrists and ankles.  He would only have them on at night while he sleeps.  Pray that the insurance approves them while we await the results of an urgent appeal next week.

During physical therapy, Kevin has moved forward in his abilities, if even only slowly.  They work with Kevin to grasp a softball and then release it.  Also, while they held up his arm, they asked Kevin to move his thumb five times.  After two successful attempts, he moved his fingers also.  They told Kevin that he had moved his fingers too, so that didn't count.  They wanted him to move his thumb three more times, which proceeded to do. They continue to hoist Kevin in a harness in order to increase the amount of weight he can hold up.  He has held up 100 pounds of his own weight for about 45 minutes.  He's also reached a high point of 120 pounds.  That means he can hold up over half of his weight with his legs and body frame.  To raise him in the harness he also has to give some effort, if not he would collapse like a noodle.

Also, one day they sat Kevin up on the edge of the bench they use during his therapy sessions. They sat him up against a stool to give his back some support. He was able to sit upright with his back against the stool for a couple minutes all by himself. He continues to improve.
This past week Kevin went to St. John's for a swallow test.  This helps Kevin's speech therapist know what to work on with Kevin.  We were able to watch while they sat him in front of an X-Ray machine, so that we could see a live image of him swallowing.  This test showed us if he would swallow liquids and foods down his throat to his stomach or let some go to his lungs (aspirate).  The thinner items when down well.  we watched Kevin's muscles on the X-Ray work to swallow the liquids.  The thicker items caused some slight aspiration, (applesauce and pudding), but to his credit, he did not have his trach capped.  We weren't told to bring it, so they could only cover it with a glove.  They told us he would lose some pressure if there wasn't a completely sealed trach.  So, now we have a swallow study benchmark, and just think how well he would have done if he had been capped!

In the future, you might start seeing updates coming from Angie too.  She will help me get out more regular updates on Kevin's progress.  This means they should also be shorter too!  Thanks still for your prayers, love, encouragement and concern for Kevin and our family over the past year.  Here's to the next year.

Thanks for reading and praying,
Matt, Angie and family

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