Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update #127 on Kevin

This is a combination of two updates – one from Angie and one from me (Matt)….

------written as an update by Angie--------------------------------------------

Since our last update much has happened. Kevin went in for surgery on September 3, 2010 to have his feeding tube replaced. They ended up saying that it only needed cleaned out and not replaced. So he was in and out in no time! The splints we requested for Kevin’s wrists and ankles were officially denied. There is no more appeal to file. We are now looking at some other splint options as his ankles and wrists still need splints. Kevin has increased tightness causing shorting of the muscles in his ankles and wrists and splints would help to stretch those muscles and even lengthen them again.

Kevin has continued going to therapy twice weekly. We have seen increased muscle and ability in his core allowing him to hold himself up for a minute or two on the side of a mat unassisted! He has also started having some of the largest responses we have ever seen in his legs. When tickled or uncomfortably stretched on his feet or legs he will pull his legs away in large movements! This is great because the muscles and the brain are talking! Even though he is not yet purposefully moving his legs this is a good first step!

Kevin has been in really good health the last few months. He has not been on antibiotics for over two months! That’s a record since his accident! He continues to make leaps and bounds with his ability to have his trach capped and breathes only through his upper airway. He now is capped twice daily for 4 hours each! He seems to have no problems with this so we expect him to continue to grow in this area.

The most recent news is that Matt and I (Angie) are leaving tomorrow for Italy for two weeks. We are going back to finally pack up our apartment and move back to the states. This trip has been a long time coming and it’s great to finally be able to go. We are looking forward to seeing friends of ours there in Italy as well as bringing some closure to that part of our lives as we move back.

Our being gone means we have many family and friends stepping in to fill the holes that we will leave while we are gone. The family is paying to have night nursing while we are gone so family will only have to cover 8 hours of Kevin’s care daily while we are gone. So many people have stepped up to provide meals, rides, driving the van for Kevin, taking care of our ministry finances and so much more. Our family continues to be blessed by the Lord who provides us with so many people who love us! Matt and I are able to leave knowing that Kevin and his kids will be completely taken care of…what a blessing!

Please continue to pray for Kevin’s complete recovery. Although it is a slow process we hold on to the knowledge that God can and will completely heal Kevin!


------written for inclusion in a United Way update by Matt-----------------

How do you think the Shoemaker felt when he came out and saw that Elves had worked all night making shoes that helped him when he was struggling to make ends meet? Grateful? Humbled? Thankful? Filled with joyous relief like a weight was lifted off his neck? That is much like we felt after a group of “elves” from American Airlines and the United Way came out on the Day of Caring. When my brother, Kevin Crosser, was in a car accident we didn’t know what the immediate future held. After a few months in medical facilities he was able to come home, that is with round the clock care during a long term recovery. My wife and I moved in to care for Kevin. We also have the joy of helping his kids, as they also help care for their dad. This large commitment means that many other projects have to be pushed off into some unknown date in the future. That’s where this great group of volunteers came in.

Many of the projects they completed were things that were needed but we had neither the time nor experience to do them. Some of the projects help us care for Kevin’s home, as we care for him during recovery. All the projects make it easier to help Kevin and without their help, we don’t know when they would have ever been done. A covered deck, that rain or shine can be used to expand Kevin’s view and stimulate his senses. The sump pump removes the flooding waters that existed after every rainstorm, reducing the number of mosquitoes making the backyard safer for Kevin and the family. The privacy fence allowing for more intimate family time with Kevin and the possibility for other ways to care for Kevin. The storage building keeping secure the tools needed to maintain a clean, useable yard. And completing it was the multiple finishing touches that the crew took extra effort in doing.

Much as the Shoemaker would have been, we are grateful, humbled, thankful and filled with a joyous relief because weight was lifted off our shoulders. We know it is a monumental task caring for someone who has a recovery ahead of them like Kevin, yet we are not naïve enough to think we can do it all alone. We need family. We need friends. And we need those who might sacrifice time and money to help those in a difficult situation. Thank you for what your sacrifice has meant to this family.

Thanks for reading, praying and caring,
Matt, Angie and family
Pray For Kevin
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