Friday, February 18, 2011

Update #136 on Kevin - Prepping for Home

So, here I sit in Kevin's room listening to Jazz and waiting for the doctor to come in with news that we can take Kevin home today. It's 11:15 AM and she has usually come in around 9:30 AM, therefore anticipation is building.

Kevin has remained great on room air for two days. He's been off antibiotics for a couple days. All his testings have come back with good results. He does have a small sore that is right on top of a scar from one of his old ones. I have the nurses doing "extreme" side turns so that he does not put any more pressure or moisture on the spot. They've pulled unneccessary catheters from Kevin and he's doing good and regulating things on his own. All that's left is a picc line which they will remove towards the last minute.

As far as the pressure spot goes, I will argue that for fourteen months he has had none at home. When he first came home, there were two pressure sores that were healed within about two weeks. At home we only have one "patient" to monitor. So, even if he goes home with it, the hope is between good care, the circulating air mattress and meds he will bounce back from that too.

The pulmonologist came in earlier, commented on my Coltrane playing and stated that he didn't see any reason why Kevin's main doctor in this unit wouldn't let him go home today.

Angie stayed at the house last night and has cleaned like a banshee in order for it to be ready if we bring him home today. I stayed with him at the hospital and helped the nurses get him far on his side for pressure relief.

We have thirty well wishing emails that you all have sent and after being read to Kevin are hanging on the wall in his room. When I read him some yesterday, he opened his eyes bigger, turned towards me and listened. Thanks for encouraging Kevin and us. Many staff have commented that they didn't even know they had this on the St John's website and they thought it was so cool that we have them hanging in his room.

As soon as we get the discharge info, we can get it to our home health care agency, Maxim, and they can request approval for nursing. Because he needs round the clock care we are requesting twenty-four hours per day nursing. Insurance has only paid for eight hours per day so far, but then again, many of you are praying. Our God is bigger than any insurance company's policy!

It's 11:45 AM and still no doc. The Jazz relaxes and calms me. A couple other nurses came in and loved the Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone that was playing. Now, hopefully we can listen at home tonight. Now one of my favorites, the Girl from Ipanema (Stan Getz version).

If you still want to send an email message to Kevin, just go to and click "contact a patient" on the right side, the form will pop up. Do it soon, in case we get to go home this afternoon.

Thanks for reading and praying,
Matt, Angie and family
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