Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update #135 on Kevin - Out of ICU!

So, more good stuff to report.

After waiting all day, Kevin finally got his MRI's late last night. The hospital is really full here, so he kept getting bumped for more urgent cases.

Then around midnight, Kevin got moved to a new room out of ICU. He is on the same floor in room 845. It's a private room with great nurses and aides so far. Today they pulled him off oxygen because he was doing so well and has been on humidified room air ever since.

I spent the night here with him (the nurses encourage it in this wing) and Angie went home to sleep. Tonight we are tagging out. I'll go home and Angie will stay in the room.

When Angie came up today she brought Kevin's wheelchair. This afternoon the nurses put Kevin in his chair. We wanted to start it out slow, so it was only for 2 1/2 hours but Kevin did great.

We are making arrangements with home health care because they are still looking at Kevin going home later this week, probably Friday. We hope to have more nursing in place so please pray for more than eight hours to be approved.

Feel free to keep sending messages to Kevin through the St John's website. We have read every one to him and hung them on the wall in his room. The link is

Thanks for praying and reading,
Matt, Angie and family
Pray For Kevin
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