Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update #133 on Kevin - ICU

Just finished meeting with Kevin's Critical Care Doctor. Both of Kevin's Critical Care Doctors have been great. We have appreciated their patience and teaching as we went through a difficult situation. We have been able to relax due to the entire staff in the CC unit.

His doctor said that Kevin is doing well and definitely making progress. He is not septic anymore, and now we are just basically finishing up the treatment for his pneumonia. Earlier in the week he had told us about Kevin's X-rays which showed a lot of fluid in his left lung. Today's X-rays were great. They are absolutely clear. It shows too, because Kevin has not been coughing near as much the last few days.

Kevin's progress off the CPAP machine is going well too. With the low settings that I told you about in the previous update (8 Pressure and 30% O2), he is now just needing to tolerate this well. What that means for prayer terms is that he is breathing around 30-37 times per minute now, and he needs to slow down to the 20's. His doctor thinks by tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday that Kevin will be able to switch to flowby.

No real concern left on the light amount of blood in his urine, hopefully that continues to resolve itself. The doctor is thinking Kevin will stay in ICU until Monday. Then maybe between Monday and Tuesday, he will be switched to a step down unit that is outside of Critical Care. Please be praying for the doctors that Kevin will have in that department.

We had asked the doctor earlier in the week to take a look at Kevin's peg tube and see what he thought about replacing it. That should be something that can be done Monday or after next week. Also, I mentioned to him that Kevin is overdue on some MRI's that Kevin's neurologist is wanting. The CC Doctor thinks that can be done around Wednesday next week. We started trying to schedule an MRI back in early December so this will be a great help to get it done now too.

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