Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update #132 on Kevin - ICU

Today continues to bring good news for praise. After trying a little last night, to wean the pressure support (I misadvertently said previously they were reducing the PEEP setting, but I meant the pressure support), Kevin has made great strides today. They reduced the pressure support settings on the CPAP machine from 14 to 8.

They've also lowered the oxygen amount to 30%. Once Kevin is tolerating these levels well, they can switch him to flowby getting him closer to regular breathing.

This morning also brought the news that Kevin does not have Cdiff. He is still having a little blood in his urine, but overall that has improved tremendously since they replaced his catheter and started irrigating his bladder.

We talked to his doctor about changing his feeding tube. If you'll remember, we went in to change it back in September and the doctor said it just needed cleaned out. It has deteriorated more since then and we hoped they might be able to change it. His critical care doctor didn't think this would be a problem, once he got stabilized.

Taylor, Kevin's daughter, arrived from Midwest City yesterday afternoon. We spent the evening together as a family and went back to visit Kevin once the visiting hours started again. Today, she went up to the hospital in order to give Angie and I a break. Thanks Tay!

Thanks so much for your prayers on behalf of Kevin and our family! It means so much.

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